Konstantin Dimopoulos creates linear constructions using industrial materials in pure monochromatic colour that depict motion, space and kinetic movement. The tension between pure abstraction and a defined geometric idiom juxtaposes solid with void and movement. From a distance, optical melding creates a field of colour. On a closer view, hundreds of vertical lines reveal themselves.His iconic work, Pacific Grass, was the inaugural sculpture in a series of kinetic works for the Meridian Wind Sculpture Walkway, Wellington, New Zealand (2001).Dimopoulos continues to explore the tension between materiality and spirituality, idealism and humanity. His Barbed Wire Buddha shapes a brutal industrial material into a universal symbol of non-violence.  Whistleblower transforms an innocuous children's toy into a tweeting political morass of false news and alternative facts.Dimopoulos's sculptures are in public and private collections around the USA, Australia and New Zealand.