The Goldilocks Forest

Dimopoulos’s paintings also embed his concerns about the human and environmental conditions. The Goldilocks Forest series uses the modern political concept of false news and ‘altered facts’ to address collective consciousness and the influence of story fabrication.

Dimopoulos creates these works using a technique of building up multiple layers of found poster papers that provide a tactile, sculptural density and uneven surface to the works. He then applies layers of natural resin to the paintings, a veneer of truth.

The Dark Forest 2018

Recycled paper, paint, natural resin, timber
8 x 12 ft | 2.4 m x 3.6

The Goldilocks Forest 2017

Recycled paper, paint, natural resin, timber
12 x 8 ft | 3.6 x 2.4 m

The Blue Forest 2016

Wood block print on handmade paper
20.5 x 17 inches | 52 x 43 cm

The Blue Trees 2015

Lithographic print on archival paper
17 x 20.5 inches | 43 x 52 cm inches